Sunday, November 15, 2009

So much to be thankful for....

It is official... we are coming home for Christmas! Of course this is a big deal, but it is an even bigger deal being a nurse at a new place and getting the entire week of Christmas off without even asking (another reminder that the Spirit is interceding for our needs so that they are met before we even ask!)!!! We arrive on Christmas Eve in the afternoon and head back to Cali on the 30th as I have to return to work on New Year's Eve. We will be touring through Snellville, Dahlonega and Watkinsville - mostly visiting with family, but if you would like to see us, let us know when you'll be stopping by!

I went through a couple weeks of really bad homesickness and feeling a bit like a failure at work... I walked past a group of nursing students in their white scrubs and briefly wished I could just join them and hide from the new (and daunting) responsibilities of this new job, or be back at Gwinnett in my royal blues where everyone knew me and I actually knew what I was doing! Then I quickly realized that being a student totally sucks and that this job is an awesome opportunity - I reminded myself that I was not given a spirit of fear, and turned myself around. Doing much better with my first intubation under my belt and only one more week of my orientation... I am gaining confidence and more certain than ever that God has been directing our steps out here.

As far as ministry goes, we have been asked to start a new ministry/small group at church focusing on the 20-30's crowd. This is a huge age group in SF... there are many students, grad students, and young professionals. We are thinking and praying hard about what direction to take with this group, but we are hoping to help this group articulate the absolute truth found in Jesus while navigating through a relativistic world. We are hoping to get this group kicked off by mid-January... we'll keep you posted. Also, we are working on some other projects that will help us accomplish our goals in Africa in the future. Really working through what we feel our mission statement for ministry will look like and some really exciting happenings that we'll have to share in the coming months.... (in the realm of missions, not grandchildren to any who would read into this the wrong way - MOM!)

I was telling Colby after I got off work yesterday that while washing my hands I had a strange moment of realization.... I all of a sudden realized that by the time Colby finishes here, we will both be 28. I do not think that is old by ANY means, but for some strange reason, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Colby asked why and I said, "I just feel like I would have done more in my life by now!" Colby said, "Ellen, we have already had more opportunity than most our age: we have both completed bachelor degrees, worked as professionals for a couple years and you are in the second job of your career that is a better opportunity than the first, I am working on two Masters degrees, we moved all the way across the country, and we've traveled the world... that is a lot!" To that I replied, "Well... when you put it that way...." I was reminded of all the seemingly insignificant details that God has perfectly orchestrated to get us where we are today... we are so unworthy and unqualified, yet He chose to take us as we were and is in the process of making us more like Him. The best part it is... He is directing this journey and He is not finished with us yet!