Tuesday, August 18, 2009

201 Mahon Hall :)

So this is the official, far away tour of our new home!  You walk in the front door into the dining area.  To the left is the dining table, to the right is the kitchen and straight ahead is the living room.  Our kitchen is super tiny, but somehow Colby managed to squeeze everything in the cabinets!  It kind of reminds me of the size of this really big walk in closet we had in my house growing up in Snellville.  The living room is a good size with two windows with an awesome view of an inlet of the San Francisco Bay.  There are seaplanes taking off from here everyday.  We think they are just resident's private planes...but they could be some type of tour - we are not really sure, but it is cool!  In the background, you can see Mount Tamalpais.  Some days a cloud will hang right over the water - this is a sign to wear pants and grab your jacket because it's gonna be cool and breezy all day long!  Moving through the living room and into our bedroom, the office area is immediately to the left.  Colby's desk and file cabinet with printer fit perfectly here!  Obviously, our bed and dresser are in the bedroom and surprisingly we have a place that will be perfect for an armchair.  This is what Colby would like to be his "thinking chair" because according to his boss from NextStar this is essential for every leader to have :)  Next, you'll make your way into the bathroom.  It is pretty small, but has everything that we need!  Hope you enjoy the photos....let me know what  you think!

love and miss you all,

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