Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tonight I am writing from Oklahoma City, OK.  It was a long day that got off to a bit of a rough spot...but we shrugged it off and kept going.  Well, I should say it got off to a pretty cool start, then a rough one.  We went down for breakfast at the hotel in Memphis and this guy who had noticed Colby's Watkinsville First Baptist t-shirt from youth camp, asked if he was a youth minister.  Colby said no, but that we were on our way to seminary.  He then told Colby that he and his teenaged sons had written a devotional book for teen boys and that he would like to give us a copy...the book looks pretty cool.  So, I was thinking to myself how awesome the Body of Christ is as we walked out to the truck (who we are affectionately calling "Budgie"...the Budget truck) only to find that some butt face had picked the lock to the cab and stolen our North Face rain jackets :(.  But we considered this a small loss considering that during the day we had both cell phones, both iPods, a Garmin, Colby's new laptop, the keys to the back of the truck and the keys to our car, we thought the jackets were not that bad.  We told the hotel people and the Budget people, but, of course, no one wanted to take responsibility.  And isn't that just how Satan works?  We freaked a little bit, but quickly got over it, got gas and got on the road.

We crossed the Mississippi River almost as soon as we set out and I thought that was pretty cool....I'll try to post pics of this.  Then we drove about half the day ALL the way through Arkansas and then through Oklahoma until we arrived in OK City.  The roads in these two states are REALLY bumpy.  So, if you get a card or something from me that looks squiggly, I probably wrote it during this time!  We arrived to another nice hotel, threw our stuff down and went seeking our nightly adventure.

Tonight we ended up at a restaurant called Coach's.  Turns out it is a restaurant that overlooks the Oklahoma City Red Hawks stadium...who even knew they had a baseball team?  Anyhow, there was a game going on so it was a really cool atmosphere.  We were so tired all we could manage was a drive by of the OK City bombing memorial (which sounds a little creepy considering...but you know what I mean), but it looked pretty cool.  We've got a really long day ahead of us tomorrow...we are heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

Also, if you happen to be joining us as prayer partners, keep my job situation in mind.  I have now had 3 travel positions that were not awarded to me, but have one possibly pending assignment.  I told a friend on the phone today that I was almost expecting this test of faith with my job to produce perseverance in Colby and me after the last minute fund raising we had with our trip to Africa in March.  I felt like the mission trip was preparing us for something larger....well - here it is :)  Surprisingly enough, I am not freaking out and of course Colby isn't...his faith and trust is so much greater than me the control freak!  We feel so confident that the Lord has the perfect job waiting, it is just keeping a trusting and peaceful heart until it is revealed to us that can be a bit difficult at times.  

Well, I am going to try and post a couple pics from today, then I am hittin' the hay!  Sweet dreams. (Figured out the picture thing and these are of us crossing the Mississippi!)

Grace and peace from the Father,

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