Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grand Canyon, Red Rock and Vegas!

Hello everyone!  I feel like it has been forever since we posted..and we've seen so much since I last wrote!  On Friday morning we left Flagstaff early and headed to the Grand Canyon.  I wish that I could put into words what the Grand Canyon was like, but even the pictures don't do it justice.  When you see creation like this, you quickly realize how small we are in comparison to God's majesty and yet he still created things like this so that His glory may be revealed.  It is humbling to say the least.  How could the God who created the Grand Canyon desire to use me?!  Colby almost gave me a heart attack when we went out on a cliff for a photo op, but he made it back safely!  

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we were Vegas bound!  We drove through the (long and boring!) desert and finally made it to the Hoover Dam.  We didn't even realize that we'd be crossing right over was so cool!  It made us really feel like we were on National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation :).  As we have been looking over our pictures, I told Colby that it is really weird to look at seems like we've been superimposed into someone else's once in a lifetime adventure!  

We entered into Las Vegas with a solo performance of Elvis' Viva Las Vegas by none other then Mr. Colby Brewer!  (It is amazing what sleep deprivation and cabin fever will cause you to do!)  We arrived at the home of Jeremiah and Sara Cain (and sweet baby Judah!), some friends from DoMissions that we've known for years now, but surprisingly this is the first time we've spent time together in the States!  They were awesome hosts for the weekend and took us to Red Rock Canyon, a Vegas buffet, we had a go on the penny slots with our free $10 card and then for a drive down The Strip!

This came at the perfect time for some MUCH needed rest!  On Saturday afternoon we met up with Darren and Amy to discuss goals for DoMissions in the coming year.  This morning we went to Hope church with the Cains, had lunch, then headed to Bakersfield, CA...our last stop before San Fran!!!!!  We had a boring drive through Death Valley...not a big fan of the desert :(  We're finally here resting, ready for an early morning!  You can see all of our trip photos on Facebook!  

Love and miss you all,

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