Friday, August 21, 2009

An Emotional Roller Coaster and a Walk in the Clouds!

Hello all!  This week has been a crazy one!  As I continued my job search, we were determined to enjoy this last week before Colby starts class (in a budget friendly way, of course!).  Our list of activities included driving/exploring our new community and getting lost a couple times!, Muir Woods (where we bought a season pass, so all visitors with us get in free...hint, hint!), lunch in Downtown SF at Pier 39 and a look at the resident Sea Lions there, and last but not least, today we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, then drove around for scenic views and through Sausalito.  This is the next town is right on the water and absolutely gorgeous!  This part of the week was incredibly fun.  Colby and I realized this week that thanks to long distance dating and night shift after we were married, this is the most time we have ever spent together (this includes dating!)!  It has been a really special time for us to grow as friends and partners...although I think it is safe to say we've gotten on each others nerves a little bit! (but just a little)

It is so good to say that God is always faithful to us and although this week has been an emotional roller coaster on the job front, it has been proof that He did not bring us out here without a purpose and plan.  I think we were both fighting off fear about the fact that neither one of us had jobs, but trying to stay strong in the Lord.  On Tuesday night, I started feeling a little nervous that I was under-qualified for jobs I applied for blah, blah, blah.  The Lord immediately brought Esther to mind.  Esther to the rescue!  My favorite book of the Bible :)  The Lord gave Esther favor with everyone in whom she came in contact with so that she was in the right place at the right time to do His will for her life.  I went to sleep in peace, knowing He'd do the same for me.  By the end of the next day, I had...not one but FOUR prospective job opportunities in front of me!!!!!  A couple of them were not really ideal, but now I am looking at two very seriously.  One is a NICU travel assignment that is really far away and temporary, but I can start now and it pays well.  The other is a permanent NICU transport position at a hospital about 30 minutes from our house....this is what I am really looking for!!!  (NICU transport would be riding in an ambulance to pick up sick babies and bring them back to a hospital that could take better care of them...very simply put.)  We'll see how things go for this job:  I have an interview on Thursday morning!

Back to fun stuff!!!!  Today, we picked the perfect day to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was really warm (and by really warm, I mean high 70's) where we live in Mill Valley, so we jumped in the car in our shorts for the 5 minute drive to the Bridge parking area.  I quickly realized I was glad I still brought my jacket....the wind from the ocean was sooo strong and COLD!  It was beautiful though, and there was a light wispy cloud just over the lower part of the Bridge and water....we were literally walking through the clouds!  And you could see the clouds just billowing over the mountain tops, it was amazing.  We could hear big boats going under the bridge honking, but in the middle of the bridge we couldn't see a thing!  Not even the tall red was so neat. 

After walking there and back, we drove to a lookout on the Marin County side of the bridge.  It was awesome - you could see the whole city!  We could not believe that we live just 5-10 minutes away!!!!  We continued our drive down the mountain and then right along the water until we arrived back home.  It was a great day, we cannot wait to see what else awaits us out here.....

Love and miss you all,

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