Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marin Life

So, I feel like we (especially me because I am the worrier in this duo) have breathed a sigh of relief since I got the job offer and can let our hair down even more than we had! I am hoping to start work either the last week of September or first week of really just depends on how quickly they can process my background check. I have really been trying to get everything around the house super settled before I get started at work and this included a little project. There was a really "unloved" wicker chair kind of shoved in the corner of our apartment mother taught me well and I know a spray paint resuscitation when I see one! After checking with the "Lane Ambassador" (a fancy title for the "go to" person in our complex), a few cans of spray paint, cute cushions, a tiny table and plant turned this eye sore into a welcoming site outside our front door! I think it needs another coat of paint, but will do for now. I have included a picture :) We have also been enjoying ourselves around town. We went to Crissy Field in San Francisco where they have a beautiful beach! (This is the photo with the seagull) It was a nice warm day, so i took off my sandals to walk in the waves: BIG surprise, it was FREEZING! We have quickly learned these beaches are only for swimming if you are wearing a wet suit! Another adventure was lunch in nearby Tiburon. A quaint little town in Marin county right on the water with a ferry and yacht marina. You can see Angel Island and the whole city!

One of the biggest loses that we have felt so far in SF is our church at home in Watkinsville! We have been on the search since we got here and have decided that the church we left is irreplaceable and are trying to refocus our view to find the right fit for this season of life! Today we returned to First Baptist San Francisco...which I might add is quite different than most Southern "First Baptists"! It is a really old building right in downtown, located next to the Castro district which is a stark contrast to the field that FBC Watkinsville is located in! It is the biggest melting pot of old, young, single, married, black, white, asian, hispanic, wealthy professionals, and even homeless; and although it is out of our little bubble of a comfort zone, it is a beautiful reminder that the Body of Christ is just as diverse as the cells of our own bodies. Where else can a Medical resident at UCSF and a special needs homeless man join together in unity and claim that they share the most central part of life: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Today, after church we went to the Long Beach district, which is San Francisco's version of Little Italy. We ate at a cute little bistro table on the sidewalk at a restaurant called Calzones! I feel kind of like I am living someone else's life when lunch after church is a romantic get away with tourists driving by in buses taking photos and some of the best people watching you've ever seen! Our waiter was a round, jolly Italian man in a vest and tie and he smiled the funniest smile and he brought our calzones and pizza to us...I really felt like I was in a movie! I have seen the grace of God and the truth in His word when He says that if earthly fathers give good gifts to their much more will our Heavenly Father give perfect gifts to us! I am humbled and blessed by this special season in our life and as the days and weeks pass, I am so aware that all of these little moments are some that we will treasure until we grow old. Homesickness is creeping in at times when we least expect it, but usually does not stay for long: we just cannot believe that we have been away from Georgia for seven weeks!

We would LOVE to hear from anyone who actually reads this thing and hear what is going on in your lives back in Georgia (or San Fran, or wherever you may be!)...a quick e-mail or FB message would make both of our days!

Love you and miss you more and more,

PS: for some reason, this thing is not letting me add the photos...I'll try to add them later :)

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