Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First day of school and job interviews!!!

So, I just know all of our faithful readers have been holding their breath, and obsessively checking Facebook/e-mail waiting for the latest update! Sorry to keep you waiting :) To be honest, I've been a little scared to talk about all the job opportunities/updates...afraid that I would psych myself up and then be let down. But I am feeling confident now...just returned home from Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley for my second interview for this position. I have my third and final "group interview" on Friday at 10...the manager said I should know for sure by Friday afternoon or Tuesday at the latest about this position! So excited. I feel confident trusting in the fact that the Lord knows what Colby and I need, he has known exactly what we would need before we even decided to move out here! We are asking and trusting that I will be given the 72 hour/pay period position rather than just one of the "on call" positions...please join us in these prayers! This position is definitely not what I thought I'd be doing, mostly hanging out (and by hanging out, I mean working) in Labor and Delivery attending all deliveries and going on a few transports. Kinda scary too, I'd have to learn how to intubate, put in lines, etc! (For the non-nurse readers that basically equals scary stuff that nurses in Georgia are not licensed to do!) I see this as a great learning opportunity, but if I get this job I will really miss the continual care of babies and their families...I do love those little chronic kids! We'll see where we end up!

In other news...Colby has been fully thrown into Grad School! Last week was the first week of class. He has two classes at Golden Gate (going towards his Masters of Divinity, or MDiv) and he also has two classes for Union University (going towards his Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, or MAIS). That is a mouthful...and a heavy academic load as well! He has already read 2-3 text books, had a paper due and had his first of 4 "intensive weekends" for the MAIS program. This weekend seemed pretty cool though. They met Thursday evening to discuss the project for the weekend and their reading assignments. Friday, they split into teams of 3-4 and went into downtown San Francisco where each group was assigned a specific district to begin doing "ethnography" research. They had specific tasks to accomplish, but a lot of the goal was to observe different cultures. As luck may have it, Colby's group was assigned to the Castro District. He ended up appreciating this learning experience because it is a place he would never have visited on his own....considering that this is the Gay district in San Fran. He had some interesting stories to tell me when he got home! The culture here is so different, God is using it to challenge and stretch us to love those who we may be a little uncomfortable around...this was great practice!

We love you all and wish all of you could experience the presence of God in our lives out here! Even in the midst of uncertainty, we can rest knowing that our God is one who never changes...He is always faithful!


P.S. Colby and I took a "test drive" to Berkeley so I would be confident to drive there on my own for my interview and we had to crack up at God's sense of humor to find that the hospital is located on Colby Street :)

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