Friday, September 25, 2009


So, it has been a long while since I've written. I think blogging is one of those things that is easy to put off, but then you realize that you have so much to tell... well, you never really know who you are telling, you just know that whoever it is, you want them to catch up on stuff going on. Or maybe it is just a way that I use to feel closer to home/people/something familiar. Anyhow, we've been just going along with life these last couple of weeks. Colby is really getting into the semester and that means a lot of "reading nights" which is a good thing because I have finally overcome my non-reading funk left over from nursing school and read with him! I am amazed to hear what he is reading and learning, and I must say that it is fun to see him gaining so much knowledge (he has always been the smart kid to play the "fun guy" role, but he seems much more serious now!). We've continued to enjoy our time together. Last week, we rode the ferry from the next town over right up to the Giants stadium... it is right on the water! We enjoyed the game (even Colby although it was not the Braves) and realized that hot days do not mean warm nights in San Francisco... we were bundled up with hoodies and winter hats - at a baseball game!

The next big event: we celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday the 22nd! Although I had to go to Oakland for a pre-employment physical and set up my "personnel file" with HR, Colby had a lovely evening planned when I finally got home! We had a beautiful sunset dinner at a restaurant right down the street that is literally on the water. They are famous for their sunset views... behind the water is beautiful Mount Tamalpais which the sun sets behind. We enjoyed our yummy italian dinner while reminiscing over the last two years and how much has happened and wondering what we will be looking back on in 10, 20, 30, etc years! We feel so incredibly blessed and sometimes I feel like God has swept us away on an adventure and as long as our hearts are surrendered to His will, there is only more adventure, surprise, blessings (and challenges!) ahead! We have also planned a beach horse back ride sometime in October... a life long dream of mine - to celebrate these two years!

The permanence is setting in and it is both exciting and unsettling. Exciting because I think we are actually feeling somewhat "at home" here, but it is unsettling knowing that means life is going on in Georgia - without us. This seems to bother me more than Colby, but maybe that is just because he's been busy with school. I was looking at my new badge from work sitting next to my old one in the car and it just seems so real... we are out here, we are staying, this is our home now - it is sad. More time equals more distance and that is kinda sucky. It is a harsh reality of "growing up"... heading into a new, wonderful, exciting chapter in life, but at the same time, leaving a different kind of wonderful behind. The thought of an indefinite time here with no idea when we might come home (although we are hoping for sometime during the holidays... but not sure what holidays I'll have to work) is scary, but I am so relieved that we have a great dose of home coming very soon! Colby's sister, Elizabeth is going to be our very first visitor! She flies in on October 6th, then when we take her back to the airport on October 10th, we'll be picking up Michelle, one of my best friends from college! I think this will be so good for us (or maybe just me?) to be able to make some link between this life and our Georgia life... someone to see "our town" and our home. It is funny the pride you can take in such simple things as "And this is where we go to the grocery store, and this is our favorite restaurant, etc." I cannot wait :)

Lastly, I start my job on Monday, I repeat MONDAY! I initially thought I would start October 12 after Nursing orientation, but my manager called me today to see if I could start earlier. From a financial standpoint, this is awesome... but I must admit, I am a little anxious! I think it has been long enough though... I am bored of just being at home doing uuber "wifely things" (aka cooking, baking, cleaning, etc) and nothing else :) It has been a nice break, but I am ready to be back to work. I will have to update after this coming week to let you know how it goes!

We love you and (obviously) miss you!


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