Friday, September 4, 2009


BIG NEWS: I went for my third and final interview today and a couple hours later the manager called me back to offer the 72 hr/pay period position!!!!!!!!!! I was in shock! I told Colby I don't think I have been that relieved/excited/shocked since I passed the NCLEX (the nursing license exam). I really had to just be in awe of the Lord and His sovereignty. This was a job that I almost didn't apply for because I felt so under qualified for, but Colby convinced me that it could not hurt to just apply. I can honestly say that I have been given favor with this hospital, just like Esther! Now, that I actually got the job... it kinda freaks me out! The thought of intubating a 23 weeker and placing/suturing umbilical lines and maybe even inserting and securing chest tubes seems quite intimidating! (Apologies to the non-medical readers for the nursing jargon) BUT, with all that aside, you all may rejoice with us because I am quite confident a LARGE part of me receiving this position was due to all the prayer from sooo many family members and friends - we have been overwhelmed by all of your encouragements and prayers! I am so thankful for situations like these where I cannot take the credit because it continues to teach me that God is so much bigger than we are! He goes before us and behind us and beside us...he knew that I would need this job before I even dreamt of moving to California. The great thing about this job is that since it is full time, Colby really won't have to get a job: he can have all the time in the world for reading, paper writing and learning who the Lord is calling him to me as a minister! Although he is considering substitute teaching for high schoolers just for fun.

As Colby has been studying "people groups" for his MAIS, he was telling me last night that we fall into the "Sojourners" category. This category is for people who are in a certain place, but only for a short amount of time; in other words, they are not there permanently. As I was praying last night, I was thinking that as Believers and followers of Jesus Christ we should all be living our lives as "Sojourners". I know, I know...this has the possibility of sounding a bit philosophically cheesy, but think about it. For example, although I am living in California right now, I still consider Georgia my home. It is where my family is, it is where friends are, it is where familiarity is, it is where I am most loved. Although I am making the best of my time in California and loving, loving, loving it...I am looking forward to going back home! Is that not what we are called to be here? Diligent in our work , loving and serving people, but always, always with our thoughts and affections in the direction of Heaven, our home? I feel if I can humble myself enough to consistently accept this, I will be a much more joyous person knowing that this is not my home...I am just passing through! So when the homesickness for Georgia starts to creep in (which I know it will...and already does a little at times) I can rest knowing that I will not truly be home until I am home with the Father.

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayer... we really need it!
Love you all,


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